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The original Flash Boy's path to making history


Alexander Pilosov is Founder and President at Shortwave Solutions. Pilosov is an accomplished technologist with a track record of cross-domain R&D leadership, best known for being the first to build a microwave network connecting equity markets in New York to derivative markets in Chicago. Since then, he has continued to innovate in technologies as diverse as RF, optics and platforms such as airplanes, balloons and satellites. Alexander has extensive experience creating novel solutions in diverse areas such as Internet operations, information security and signal processing. ​​​

Alex's resourcefulness and achievement in technology R&D were touched on in Michael Lewis's book, "Flash Boys", which told the story of initial use of breakthrough microwave technology to successfully capture milliseconds - using only $500,000 in capital to disrupt a billion-dollar industry. Subsequently, this same pioneering technology was showcased in the award-winning film The Hummingbird Project. Read more about the history of the first microwave network in the book by Alexandre Laumonier (aka "Sniper in Mahwah"), excerpt available here.

Alex believes in R&D engineering, not RFP engineering. His obsession with milliseconds is unparalleled and drives him to deliver the fastest transoceanic connections for his customers. 

To learn more about Alex's recent work, view the Capabilities page

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn. 

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