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Low-latency capabilities with transformative results


At Shortwave Solutions, we believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

5 Differentiating Capabilities:




































































































Alex has already revolutionized the industry more than once. 


  • First operational microwave network, on a budget of $500k, obsoleting the $500M investment into Spread Networks shortly after their launch. The story has been famously described in “Flash Boys” and [fictionally] “Hummingbird Project”

  • Two years for competitors to construct a similar one, at an order of magnitude higher costs

  • First proven shortwave US-Europe low-latency network 


At Shortwave Solutions, engineering is our core competency. We don’t outsource anything that affects latency, and we always optimize for quantity deployment and cost-improvement.

  • In-house elements for any HF project include:

    • Phased Array Receiver Architecture
    • Structurally-engineered lightweight Antenna Masts 

    • Software-defined radio hardware 

    • Modular 6kW+ high-power amplifiers, 

    • Transmit antennas

    • Signal-processing algorithms


We offer unrivaled expertise in automated antenna alignment systems for deployable mobile/aerial platforms.

  • Misc:

    • Hollow-core fiber

      • Designed in-line amplifier for hollow-core fiber to allow ultra-long-haul communication.

    • Frequency coordination

      • We've developed a system capable of interference evaluation of 10,000 potential paths/second on a single server, using TIA TSB 10F criteria and NSMA over-the-horizon loss (OHLOSS) model. 

    • Mobile Antenna vans

      • Vans with 60ft high dual-antenna platform for:

      • emergency service restoration during extreme weather when tower climbing is not possible

      • interference triangulation

      • rapid service deployment while waiting for tower construction

      • testing profitability of adding a permanent link to a trading venue

      • short-term connectivity to sites where the activity is occasional (i.e., news release rooms)

      • communication to an aerial vehicle (drone/plane/helicopter/balloon)


​​​Whether on the ground or above, Shortwave Solutions can help navigate and build the best path forward to a speedy connection.

  • High-altitude platforms include:

    • Free-flying balloons

      • Essentially similar to Project Loon [for reference, one former engineer is now Head of Production at Google Project Loon]

      • Challenging to fit the entire payload into the legal limit of 10 lb

      • Design/manufacture of carbon-fiber antennas and altitude control hardware (make it sound impressive)

      • Achievable afloat time of 30 days

      • Prototypes completed and flown, complete design 

    • Balloons tethered to buoys in the ocean​

    • Helicopter/Airplane-mounted antennas

      • Guidance system for antenna alignment 

      • Legal research for operation, airspace classification

      • Prototype 


Shortwave Solutions operates a fully functional 12,000 sqft lab, filled with solutions for research and production.

  • 2000 cubic feet Faraday cage

  • Carbon fiber lay-up

  • Materials testing (balloon max pressure, wire break strength, fiberglass tensile modulus)

  • Pick-and-Place PCB assembly machine

  • CNC machines

  • Helium tanks

  • Full roof access for antenna installation

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